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The Green Light - Hello, DALI™


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Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Green Light. In each issue we’ll provide vital information to make it easier for you to design advanced, energy-efficient lighting control systems. We’ll spark ideas and discussion, and provide inspiration by sharing your peers’ success stories. We hope you’ll look to us as a partner and go-to resource to support your business efforts.

Table of Contents

  1. Hello, DALI™
  2. New Green Light® 3-lamp DALI Ballast
  3. Sherbrooke Convention Center
  4. Hot topics at Greenbuild 2012 San Francisco
  5. Check Out Our Sustainable Integrated Building Management Solutions at ISE 2013
  6. Resources

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Hello, DALI

Chances are you’ve heard a lot of buzz about DALI lighting control systems. So, what is it, exactly? How is it different? And, most important, what does it mean to your business?

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international standard protocol for two-way communication with light fixtures. It brings digital technology to lighting, enabling individual DALI ballasts, each with a unique digital “address”, to communicate with DALI controllers, computers equipped with control software, and building management systems.

While many lighting control systems can provide intelligent control and energy savings, they do so with proprietary protocols. This negates the benefit of direct compatibility between lighting devices and control hardware. By utilizing the DALI open protocol, users have much more flexibility and compatibility for simplified commissioning and it supports evolving needs for control, such as changes in lighting designs, floor plan and layout in open office spaces and common areas.

A DALI lighting control solution by Crestron provides centralized control of every light in the building, delivering new levels of performance, flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance and, most important, energy efficiency. With the arrival of new government legislation, all building owners are required to display the energy efficiency rating of their buildings. Crestron is the only DALI system that incorporates built-in power metering to deliver the most comprehensive energy management solution. It also makes it much easier for building owners and facility managers to achieve higher energy efficiency ratings.

For lighting specifiers and designers, Crestron’s DALI solution delivers a win-win: simplified communication and installation AND maximum control and flexibility. Wiring and commissioning is simpler, so installation costs are lower. Even better, it enables you to provide a high-performance lighting solution that perfectly matches the needs of a building’s occupants now and in the future, as requirements change.

Learn more by viewing our DALI Lighting Control Solutions Explained presentation.


Product Spotlight


dali 681

New Green Light 3-lamp DALI Ballast

The new Crestron Green Light® 3-lamp DALI Ballast is now available – making the already strong 1 and 2 lamp ballast family from Crestron the most comprehensive DALI ballast solution on the market. The Crestron DALI ballast portfolio is the most energy efficient solution on the market, using less than .03 watts in idle mode. With one, two, and three lamp configurations available, Crestron ballasts support dimming a wide range of linear fluorescent lamps from 1-100%, perfect for any fixture in any part of the world.

Now, combined with a fully-integrated lighting control solution including the optional built-in power metering from Crestron, the ability to measure, monitor, and manage power all the way to each light fixture, while enabling daylight harvesting and load shedding, makes it easy to implement a system that combines architectural lighting control and energy management all on one platform. Optional power metering ballast models track real-time energy usage of each load and provide essential statistics to help manage and control utility costs. Crestron DALI ballasts drive multiple lamp wattages in one unit, which makes lighting design easier and less expensive.

Learn more by viewing our DALI Ballast Solution presentation.


Customer Success Stories


Sherbrooke Convention Center

The Sherbrooke Convention Center in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canda has chosen Crestron for its distributed digital lighting systems control (DALI). In addition, the center chose Crestron solutions for their keypads, touch screens, advanced automation, scheduling, real-time monitoring, and control.

People & Places

Hot topics at Greenbuild 2012 San Francisco

DSC 2344 resized 600

One of the most frequently raised issues by visitors to our booth at Greenbuild was the need to be able to gather accurate energy usage data from multiple systems and then, what to do with it.

The reality is there’s only one dependable way to achieve measurable, worthwhile reductions in energy usage and utility costs: integrate all building systems, from BMS to every ballast and sensor, on a single, intelligent platform. And the best way to implement this is at the beginning of the design phase.

There were also some great discussions about how Crestron provides design assistance support to engineers and specifiers to help streamline planning and simplify implementation. Crestron design assistance brings experience, proven designs and a structured approach to integrating the control system requirements of electrical, lighting, mechanical, AV and IT members of the design team.

For new construction, optimal building efficiency can be achieved when integration takes place at the beginning of the project, with the right connected systems in place to monitor, manage and control energy usage throughout the building. For retrofit projects, wireless automation is ideal to start making simple changes that lead to greater efficiency, without making significant capital investments.

Greenbuild 2012 was a really exciting show – lots of informative sessions, impressive convention center recycling programs, and great interaction with attendees at our booth. We learned a lot from everyone and we’re already looking forward to next year!


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Check Out Our Sustainable Integrated Building Management Solutions at ISE 2013

Today, commercial buildings are smarter than ever before and require a fundamentally new approach to building management. Crestron will introduce the European Market to its Integrated by Design™ solutions in Amsterdam during ISE 2013. Crestron solutions enable global monitoring, management and control of AV, energy, voice & data, lighting, security, room scheduling, and HVAC on a single platform to maximize energy savings, lower operational costs and increase productivity. ISE attendees will have the opportunity to experience the fully-functional integrated building environment live at the show.

Here are some Integrated by Design solutions attendees will experience at the show:

Crestron 3-Series™ Control Systems with BACnet/IP support form the core of any modern building, integrating and managing all the disparate technologies throughout the facility to impact productivity, efficiency and cost savings. Built-in BACnet/IP support enables seamless integration with existing building management systems. All systems run independently and communicate with each other on the same platform, creating a truly smart building.

Fusion™ global enterprise management platform revolutionises the way organisations control their building technology. Fusion is a modular platform providing the foundation for smarter buildings that save energy and enhance worker productivity. Customers can choose to deploy Fusion RV™ (RoomView), Fusion EM™(Energy Management) or both based on organisational needs. Fusion RV enables organisations to centrally monitor and manage room scheduling, as well as AV presentation and video conferencing resources from the help desk. Award-winning Fusion EM manages and monitors all energy sources in real-time, captures, analyses, and modifies historical usage data, and allows users easy access to control and automate commands that impact energy savings, all within the same interface.

Available in North America and coming soon to select EMEA countries, Crestron Shading Solutions bring together designer shading with electric lighting, AV, climate and security control for complete, integrated, intuitive home management. Featuring its new low voltage Quiet Motor Technology™ (QMT™), Crestron shades are silent, operate smoothly, and seamlessly integrate with Crestron AV and control products from touch screens, keypads, remotes and Apple® or Android™ smart devices.

To see Crestron Integrated by Design solutions in action, visit Crestron in hall 2, booth C24 at ISE 2013.



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